18 October 2020

Benromach 10yo

Benromach 10 definitely exists on our short list of whiskies that everyone should have in their cabinet. If it isn’t for the taste, then it’s for the value for money.

You don’t see this bottle highlighted very often, in fact, we’ve only discovered how good Benromach actually was last year. Never have I blamed myself for neglecting a distillery’s core range for so long, until then. Of course, we knew about the distillery, but we were never inclined to buy something. It would’ve saved us a lot of disappointing purchases from the same price range if we were, that’s for sure!

In good company with the cask strength release and the 15yo, the 10yo is still my favourite. The balance between very subtle Speyside peat, a creamy mouthfeel, the ABV and the fruitiness are just right. And it offers some surprising flavours as well:

Tasting notes


Leather, honey, lavender, wood, a bit musty and waxy, before seducing you with an arrange of forest fruits


A milky and waxy mouthfeel, it’s almost a bit oriental, with hints of peanuts, leather and warming spices. Fresher notes a blueberry yoghurt and honey give it the right balance.


The finish is warming and slightly drying with hints of smoke, old books, hazelnut, theatrical smoke, malt, salt and candle wax. With raisins, apricots and kiwi for a fruity twist.

We can understand, if someone doesn’t like the arrange of ‘strange’ flavours too much. We all have different preferences of course, but we really encourage you to try the Benromach 10yo at least once, the chances are high you might have found yourself a keeper.