20 August 2020

Aultmore 8yo (cask 900020A) by The Single Cask

Our good friend Torsten Zimmerman introduced us to The Single Cask a while ago. You see, that’s where friends are for. They even arranged two wonderful bottles for us to do a giveaway with. We almost took part in the giveaway ourselves, but we managed to stay sincere.

In our whisky-journey throughout the years, we encountered many scents and flavours and obviously discovered our favourites along the way. Sometimes you find a whisky that is just your cup of tea, or your dram of whisky, so to say. This is certainly one of them.

Opening this bottle up takes me immediately to a cabin in the woods at the end of a hot summer day. Me, sitting in an old rocking chair on the front porch, watching the very welcome rain fall from the sky. Pouring this dram while the moon lights up my glass, as another day ends, I feel as happy as I can be during this weird time we live in. Thankful for the people around me, thankful for you guys as part of the whisky-community. Thinking about the less fortunate while sipping this whisky and realising what a lucky guy I am.

Tasting notes


Nail polish, candy cane, Christmas cookies, tomato juice, metal, tobacco, dried fruits, cognac.


Very dry, dried red fruits, plums, tobacco, spiced woods, stuffed mushrooms.


A long, dry and sweet finish. Quite savoury too. Prominent notes of raisins, tobacco, plums and minerals.

The only thing we can say to you is, we hope you are coping well under these circumstances and make the best out of it. We hope you stay healthy and stay safe.

Cheers to you all.

Aultmore 8yo (cask 900020A) by The Single Cask