22 December 2022

Glencadam 10yo

Every once in a while we tend to visit our local liquor store to stock up on supplies. Sure, shopping on the internet is a whole lot easier but it doesn’t feel like the real deal. When visiting we get the chance to taste a few drams before buying. Maybe the shopkeeper is getting us a little bit tipsy to buy a few bottles more than intended but most of the time we’re happy to do so. We also have to apologize to our wifes afterwards, but everything comes with a price, right?

Some whiskies just stand out on the shelf because of the label, colour or shape of the bottle, others are easily overlooked, just like this Glencadam 10yo. It hasn’t anything special at first sight, so it’s easy to go for something more ‘special’. Luckily our friends from @monnikdranken have our back and delivered this beautiful dram on our doorstep. Here are our tasting notes:

Tasting notes


Very buttery and greasy on the nose, with papaya, wine gums and macadamia nuts. Minnow, orchard fruits and chestnuts.


Sweet and creamy dairy at first, juicy orchard fruits and a bit earthy towards the finish.


Dry and oaky notes on the finish, dairy, peaches, nuts and banana for a fruity and dry finish.

We know, looks aren’t everything, so the next time we go shopping we want to give bottles like this a chance to impress us with tasting notes like these. Now we would like to ask you; which bottles have surprised you recently? Let us know!